• Architect: Studio Egret West
  • Location: Stratford, London
  • Client: Newham Council

The Shoal is a 400m long kinetic art installation that is to be incorporated into the public space around Stratford City Centre.

This is a freestanding facade consisting of over-sized 'leaves' supported on a series of tubular steel framed 'trees'. The leaves are diamond shaped panels, 6.5m wide and 3m tall, constructed from composites and clad in a skin of anodised titanium. They are hung using a hinged support in the manner of an inn sign and are designed to swing as the wind blows against them. The lightweight construction allows even light gusts to slowly move them such that a rippling-effect may be seen across the facade.

The works were completed in December 2011, in time for the 2012 London Olympic games.

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