• Architect: Jona Hoad
  • Client: P & O

When P&O commissioned their largest cruise ship ever, they gave the designers a free hand to create the most impressive set of interior spaces ever envisaged for a liner.

The main space is a four storey atrium, and at it’s centre is a huge lighting feature suspended from the deck above. In designing the structure of the lighting feature we had to not only consider the static and dynamic loading, but also the possibility of the feature ‘resonating’ with any one of the on-board machines, motors, pumps etc. that go with life afloat. We were given the frequency spectra for all of the most significant machines that operate on the vessel and these were applied to the analysis model that we constructed for the piece. This exercise highlighted a number of resonances that would not have been acceptable and we undertook adjustments to mass/stiffness/location of its various elements so as to render the piece virtually vibration-free.

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