• Architect: Ray Goodchild Architects
  • Location: London, EC3
  • Client: Texel

11 Bury Street was a five storey property located at the epicentre of the City of London, barely 50 metres from the Swiss Re building, a.k.a The Gherkin. Working with the architect Ray Goodchild, we added two further storeys to the building and created an office building that accommodates our client’s London operation.

In order to accommodate the increase in loading we removed all of the original internal structure with a facade retention, and installed a completely new raft slab onto gravel in the existing basement. On to this we built a completely new internal steel framework up to roof level. The greater strength of this compared with the original structure meant that we were able to employ reinforced concrete floor slabs, rather than the original timber floors. This had the effect of greatly increasing the loading that the building could take, plus providing far better sound insulation throughout.

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